Chase Valentin is a British artist born and raised in Wales. Primarily a painter, he also produces photography, film, sculpture, music and the written word to express his theme. The reclusive figures that form the core of his work reveal an existential and deeply personal narrative that draws on western esotericism, philosophy and mythology.


Lisbon Arts, Spring 2017


Distorted Statement 2017

isolated figure

broken in battle

alienated both from society and self

an odyssey of introspection

the higher man

order from chaos


apocalyptic anxiety

fight or flight

longing for spiritual dimension

a renewed sense of sacred

that drives man to create

triumph over anguish

or escape into illusion

paranoid unease

the balance of power

creation, destruction

identity, renaissance

fragility, transcendence

the psychic complexion

suggestions of mortality

breaking through conscious restraint

intimate duality informs and shapes

veils and reveals incident

measures and values

resolving conflict

appeasing distress

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